Dan Farrow Front-end Developer for @effectdigital

Artisan Bakery.

Zuckermaus Bakery logo

Zuckermaus Bakery

    • DatoCMS
    • Snipcart
    • GatsbyJS
    • Tailwind CSS
    • Netlify
Freelance, Design & Development in 2021


Zuckermaus had outgrown their vanilla WordPress install that they had been managing themselves, and undertook a fresh rebrand with all the standard upgrades that come with it; new colours, new logo, new images. It made sense for them to upgrade their website, and a mix of GatsbyJS, DatoCMS and Snipcart allows them to manage their own products whilst selling to their local customers.

Snipcart's settings allowed for a local delivery option, a paid-for delivery option in a wider radius and helps them manage their own stock. The Instagram API is used to retrieve recent posts (and a hook is triggered each day to re-build the site) and they even have a small place to drop some blog posts.


This was a complete freelance project including design and development.

With thanks to Luke Corner for helping project manage.