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My first official managerial role came in the shape of the Head of Web Design for Adtrak. Before this, I was part of the Web Design team, and was quickly recognised for my effective working practices, attention to detail and leadership qualities. Just 8 months in to my role with Adtrak, I was promoted to the head of department, and managed myself and 2 other designers.

Presentation and Q&A for an Adtrak AGM

Since then, as Head of Web Design, I have helped the company grow from a small garage setup of about 10 employees into a fully fledged, 120+ employee company in one of the largest city centre offices in Nottingham. The Web Design department under my remit grew from 3 to 25, and I was the first in the company to introduce a new layer of management for the department in the shape of Team Leaders and an assistant.

Christmas outing with some fellow Adtrak colleagues

I'm very honoured to have worked alongside so many great people, with a rich variety of design, development and marketing backgrounds; web/UI/UX designers, front-end/back-end/full-stack developers, SEO strategists and technical SEO specialists, PPC consultants, creative copywriters and inspiring leaders.

In 2016, Adtrak's growth opened up an opportunity for an additional support layer below the directors, and I was promoted into the role of a Senior Manager. In this role I was responsible for helping make key decisions on the direction of the company, and overseeing 3 different departments - Web Design, Web Development and Web Leasing. I managed to fulfil this role in addition to being Head of Web Design, until a massive company re-structure redefined my role into the Assistant Customer Operations Director.

Adtrak managerial career

2008First managerial roleBecame Head of Web Design overseeing 2 additonal people.
2012Introduction of managerial levelsI helped introduce new levels of management within Web Design as the department outgrew its existing structure
2014Web Design reaches 25 employeesFollowing substantial growth, the department hits 25 employees
2015Promotion to Senior ManagerI effectively became a Senior Manager whilst still running the Web Design department
2019Became Assistant Customer Operations DirectorFollowing a company re-structure, I took on this role, jointly responsible for almost 90 people's output for clients spread across 8 client teams

Project Management

Over the years I have been able to implement new projects, workstreams, processes and services into Adtrak in order to help it grow and succeed.

As with all projects, organisation can be critical to the success of the project implementation, so I always strive to be as organised as possible. An attention to detail as well as creative solution finding are also strengths I can pull from in order to effectively deliver something new to the company.

Some of my more recent projects delivered include;

  • Customer Journey PlanAs part of Adtrak's huge re-structure, a workstream was created to devise a full Customer Journey Plan. This involved researching Adtrak's current client base by conducting phone call interviews and digital surveys, discovering the SME market place across the UK and doing competitive analysis. A successful plan was delivered to the Adtrak Directors late 2018 and has been heavily used in the re-structure of the company.
  • New products & processes for AdtrakIn recent years on seperate occasions I researched solutions for Adtrak to offer SSL/HTTPS hosting to its clients - increasing the profitability of our hosting product, devising guides and resources to streamline the work and ensure our client's websites follow encryption guidelines - and found and released a solution for Adtrak to deliver sitemaps. Both of these required training, guides & discussions to ensure an effective release to a company of over 120 people.
  • "Change for Growth"Adtrak's huge re-structure, dubbed Change for Growth, was a huge undertaking, and as part of the leadership team I had an integral role in helping direct and deliver the monumental change. This included a lot of coaching, supporting and helping people through the whole transiton.

A quick selfie with some of the Adtrak leadership, circa 2018


I have years of experience with the standard tasks associated to people management, including but not limited to;

  • Monthly 1-1sIn monthly 1-1s with my direct reports, it has been important to have open conversations around how an individual is finding their role, and how they can look to improve. I've held 1-1s with a vast range of levels of employee, from juniors and seniors to department managers and Digital Marketing Managers, all of which required a degree of customisation to suit the situation and colleague.
  • Objective setting & KPIsOn both an individual and company basis, I have years of experience setting SMART objectives and KPIs that are achieveable and encourage development and progression.
  • PIPs, PDPs & DisciplinariesI've had the unforunate experience of dealing with performance improvement plans in addition to formal disciplinary hearings.


Adtrak has supplied me with numerous tools, training and guides to really advance my managerial skills, which have come in use over the years.

This formal and informal training has been the cornerstone to my progression as a manager and leader, and has revealed the following traits;

  • MBTIOne of the first training sessions I received was identifying my own personality type, and learning that of others. My personality test revealed my natural inclination toward the following;I - IntrovertS - SensingT - ThinkingJ - Judgement"Quietly systematic. Factual. Organized. Logical. Detailed. Conscientious. Analytical. Responsible. Pragmatic. Critical. Conservative. Decisive. Stable. Concrete. Efficient."
  • Tilt 365Following another self-completed survey, my Tilt 365 profile returned myself to be Master Mind. Although I accept that my natural persuasion is to think in this way, I believe I am very competent at being able to tilt in to other personality persuasions, dependent on the situation.
  • Situational LeadershipI've been trained on Situational Leadership, and how changing style depending on the situation can be very effective.