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I've been designing websites since the late nineties, when web designer and webmaster were the catch all roles. I have lived through iterations of fixed width, responsive, mobile-first, gradients, no gradients, drop shadows, no drop shadows, gradients again...

It's safe to say I've seen a lot of change in the industry as regards design. Although I no longer class myself as a designer, I still dabble occasionally, particularly for freelance.

Web Design Work

The Body Art Academy


The design for The Body Art Academy needed to be somewhat stylish to match the type of customers they wanted to attract, so a modern, clean look with juxtaposition images and text was designed to do just that. This was a brand new website, so was designed from scratch.

Sheringham Shantymen


This was a redesign of my own work, originally built circa 2015. The functionality and layout of the site was tired, so a fresh redesign and build was needed to keep the group's internet presence professional and modern. A tip of the hat to George Wood for the font assist.



An old school, left aligned site was the predecessor, and even in 2014 it was looking very dated. Sheringham Lifeboat are lucky to be aligned with a professional photographer, so taking their photos and working up a new design was a simple enough process.



Arcadia Physiotherapy


Arcadia's design had become dated, sporting some odd behaviours and broken layouts over years of changes and updates. Arcadia wanted a fresh design to begin their 2019, but also something easy to use for their existing clientele.